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Snowmobile Trail Report

Grooming Update - 1/19/22

all trails have been groomed 

Could use some more snow, but rideable

the trail leaving Hoyt Lakes to the East.  It leaves Hoyt Lakes to the East following the ditch of Highway 11 (AKA110) on the South side to the Skibo Road, AKA County 569 or UT9232. The new trail is on the left in the woods.This will bring you to the  RR tracks in Skibo and joining the trail that goes to the Yukon trail. So it"s approx. 44 miles from Hoyt Lakes to the Yukon trail. (no gas) There is parking at County road 569 and the Skibo RR tracks and there is parking on the West side of Highway 2 near Geenwood Lake.

We groom the local loop around Hoyt Lakes. 
We groom from Hoyt Lakes to County road 16.(16 miles) Towards Pequam trail.
We groom from Hoyt Lakes to Giants Ridge, to Biwabik and to Gilbert. The above trails are groomed twice a week. (Approx 60 miles total)

We groom from Hoyt Lakes to the East to the Yukon trail. (Approx. 44 miles)

Have fun. Be Safe ! Our trail coordinator is Bob Turk          218-780-1604.

**Our groomer is equipped with a safety beacon**

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